The above video is a collaboration/montage of the following artists/ companies; Fire n IceJumbie Art and Danny Cheli.

Are you a Wristband Warrior?


The answer is simple

If you have attended a festival, you are a Wristband Warrior. Attending a festival is not your average night on the town or typical vacation weekend. Attending a festival often takes planning and effort. Ok, sometimes it doesn’t and those trips are a gift. Usually the experience is met with a great deal of effort and we like to say that effort is what makes being a Wristband Warrior far more rewarding than a night on the town or a typical vacation!


Our mission

To connect and support the festival community by sharing our culture, educating on our values, and showing everyone what the festival lifestyle is all about.


This is just the beginning

A lot is already in the works. We will support all facets of the festival network whether you are an attendee, performer, artisan, vendor or producer. Please join our email tribe and tell us which kind of Wristband Warrior you are! 


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